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The truth about organic sheets! Why organic linens?

Have you noticed that more and more retailers are adding organic sheets to their bed and bath collections? It's not just a way for them to jump on the "everything organic" bandwagon -- there are great and valid reasons why you should be purchasing sheets that are made from organic fibers, and we're excited to tell you why!

Organic Cotton YourLovelyBedding

The scoop on organic sheets

In theory, even during those crazy weeks where you're running from one late-night work session to the next and hitting up birthday dinners and late-night after parties for friends on both nights of the weekend, you're still spending quality time with the sheets on your bed, at least 30 hours a week, right? And, considering you have already made the commitment to eat organic, why would you even consider spending so much time sleeping on sheets that were manufactured using chemicals that can be harmful to your body?

The upside to using sheets that have been made using these materials is that, just like organic food, the fibers they use have been grown without using chemicals. In addition, bedding often contains additional chemicals, added later in the production process, that helps keep it wrinkle-free, meaning that those chemicals are directly reaching your skin while you sleep.

Yikes! Makes you think twice when you crawl into bed tonight, doesn't it?

But best of all, organic sheets are actually much softer to the touch and people who have replaced their bedding, especially, with organic bedding, say that they actually sleep better now! "I know it sounds ridiculous, and I feel silly even saying this, but since we switched to organic sheets and pillowcases on our bed, I sleep so much better!" says Jill, a bedding-obsessed SheKnows reader from Chicago. "It's probably all in my mind, but I feel more rested. Plus, the sheets are so soft and cozy... my husband didn't even complain about the price tag. He loves them as much as I do!"

Should I be buying them for my home?

Long story short, yes. Switching to organic bedding throughout your home should be on your to-do list and if you or family members suffer from allergies — including skin allergies, such as eczema — making the move to organic linens should be a priority. Kids can also benefit from organic linens and many retailers are even selling crib sheets made from organic cotton.

But, don't get overwhelmed with this — it's not like you need to double-bag all your current bedding and burn them in the backyard! Commit to transitioning your household to organic linens. Start with new sheets on one bed at a time. Slowly add in new pillowcases, duvet covers and down-comforters, all of which come in organic alternatives as well.

The one thing about organic linens, as with all organic products, is that they aren't cheap. However, organic cotton is also durable and wears well, meaning you won't have to replace these every year. Look at them as an investment — for your home and for your health!


Organic Cotton YourLovelyBedding

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